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B’rit Mitzvah

B'rit Mitzvah at Congregation Kol Haverim

B’rit Mitzvah means “Covenant of the Commandments” and does not specify the gender of the person becoming an adult member of the Jewish community. As such, we will use the term rather than Bar/Bat Mitzvah or B’nai Mitzvah.

Bar/Bat Mitzvah means “one who is responsible for the commandments.” The rite of passage marks the initiation of our thirteen year old children into the religious community and into responsibility for the understanding and observance of the precepts of our tradition. The central feature of this service is our child’s taking the role of Shaliach Tzibur (worship leader). In this role he/she leads our entire congregation in worship and in Torah study. In so doing, our children fulfill the first of what we hope will be a lifetime of mitzvot as a responsible member of our Kehilla (community). Your Congregation and I celebrate with you and your family as you journey towards this momentous occasion. We wish you many happy and fulfilling moments as you make your way towards this important life-cycle event.

B’rit Mitzvah Handbook for Parents (PDF file) – Updated to 2022-2023

Our B’rit Mitzvah Handbook is now available online – click on following links to download file in the version you need:

Mitvah Project Ideas

Special Readings

Parents & Grandparents Readings

Shabbat Eve (Friday) Bar-Bat Mitzvah Reading

Order of Service

Inserts in Invitations and Directions

Bnai Mitzvah Pulpit Honors

B’rit Mitzvah Tutors

Peer Tutors are post B’rit Mitzvah students who prepare our young people to lead the prayers at their service.

Charri Goldman

Phil Schlossberg

Torah Blessings

Aliya Blessings (PDF file)

Aliya Blessings Sung by Rabbi Craig Marantz

Blessing Before the reading of the Torah

Blessing After the reading of the Torah