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GRSLY is a student-run youth group that puts on events from the high school-aged members of the congregation and other Jewish teenagers in the area. Many events such as sleepovers at the shul and online events take place every year. GRSLY is affiliated with the national federation for temple youth (NFTY) and sends many members of GRSLY to regional conventions every year to have fun and learn more about Judaism. GRSLY is a great way to connect with other Jewish teenagers in the community and to feel you have a voice with the other teenagers in the temple.

2022-2023 GRSLY Board:

  • Lilah Cohen – President
  • Hannah Kaufman – Vice-President of Programming
  • Lily Seagull – Vice-President of Membership
  • Sadie Zaientz – Treasurer
  • Teddy Schwartz – Past President
  • Jay Cohen, CKH Youth Advisor,


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GRSLY Programs

Upcoming programs will be listed on this page, as well as on these platforms:

NFTY National and Northeast Regional Events

NFTY Northeast’s Website

2022 Havdalloween

  • December 16-18th, FONC at TASTY
  • January 27-29th, December Institute at Eisner
  • March 10-12th, SPRONK at PROVTY
  • May 7th, Leadership Kallah at BESTY