Today is June 12, 2024 -


Shalom & Welcome to Congregation Kol Haverim (Voice of Friends)!

Since 1984, Kol Haverim has been a vibrant center of Reform Judaism. We aspire to sustain serious, progressive Jewish practice in central Connecticut.

In this spirit, Kol Haverim:

  • Is a warm and inclusive community – At Kol Haverim, people know and care about each other. We deeply value the presence of all ages and lifestyles. Our families vary in shape and size. We are home to numerous interfaith families, and we support all of our congregants as they make Jewish choices in life.
  • Celebrates lifelong Jewish learning and living – No matter what your age, we strive to enrich and inspire you with quality educational experiences that motivate you to learn and live Jewishly all the days of your life (and well-beyond Bar/Bat Mitzvah.)
  • Nurtures a beautiful culture of prayer – Bridging tradition and modernity, our worship links our precious past with fresh approaches to spirituality. We foster prayerful moments in our sacred spaces, in study and in all other aspects of congregational life–moments we hope will bring you closer to God and nurture your soul. We look to the arts to color our spiritual expression, and we delight especially in making Jewish music.
  • Champions the dignity of all people – The Kol Haverim family pursues social justice and organizes ample opportunities for our congregants to make a difference. We dedicate ourselves to tikkun olam, doing our part to heal the world through gemilut chasadim (acts of loving-kindness).
  • Comforts you in times of need and rejoices with you in times of simcha (happiness) – At Kol Haverim, we are more than a membership. We are a partnership guided by sacred purpose and mutual responsibility. We exist to engage you in a relevant, meaningful and innovative Judaism. And the more you participate, the better your experience will be.

At the top of our historic aron kodesh (ark), the inscription reads: “Open for me the gates of justice; I will enter them and give thanks to God.” (Psalms 118:19) Our gates are open; please come inside. We are thankful and blessed to have you in our midst!