Today is June 4, 2023 -

Social Groups

A great way to get involved in our community is to join one of our chavurot, or social groups. A chavurah is a group of like-minded Kol Haverim members who come together to study, cook, play music, discuss books and enjoy so many other activities that enrich our Jewish life together. The word “chaver” means “friend” in Hebrew. Often the lifelong friendships formed by our community members begin within a chavurah. Our active groups are listed below.

Do you have an idea for a new social group? Contact Christine in the office at to find out how you can create a new chavurah for our community!

The Kol Haverim Book Club

The Page Turners Book Club

The Bagels Rock Band

Honorable Menschen (Over 55 social group)

CKH Foodies