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Jay Cohen, CKH Youth Advisor

Baruch ha’Ba (welcome) to Youth Advisor Jay Cohen. who joined our CKH team this year.
We are happy for our teens to begin this new journey with Jay Cohen as Youth Advisor. 



Get to Know Jay Cohen

Jason "Jay" Cohen has enjoyed mentoring youth throughout his career, both as a professional and a volunteer. Through internships, programming, and summer camps, the favorite part of his job has always been working with teens and young professionals to develop their leadership skills. His experience in Jewish youth groups in high school had a significant impact on his life, and he wants to help ensure that today's youth have those same opportunities, including his own kids who have enjoyed NFTY and GRSLY. While he firmly believes that his role is to remain behind the scenes, advising and supporting the group's leadership, he is always available to any youth or parent who has questions. He hopes to help guide GRSLY's board to continued growth of the chapter this year despite these unique times. As family members of Kol Haverim, Jay is thrilled to have this opportunity to serve as volunteer advisor to GRSLY. Feel free to contact him anytime at



2019-2020 GRSLY Board:

Ellie Gertler (grade 12)

Aaron Cohen (grade 11)

Josh Barbara (grade 10)

Teddy Schwartz (grade 10)

Middle School Liaison:

Josh Cooper (grade 9)


If you want to participate in our amazing programming year, please make sure to download our membership form and include a check ($18 for CKH members and $36 for non-members) made to GRSLY for your annual dues. 



Membership Form 2019-2020

Emergency Release

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Senior & Junior GRSLY Programs - August 2019 - May 2020

FALL 2019


NFTY-NE Summer Institute                     August 23-25                     URJ Crane Lake Camp



NFTY-NE’s CT Temple Youth                   September 14                     Robert Cohen Social Hall

Leadership Assembly (TYLA)



678/Subregion Day (Launch?)                October 27                         TBD



NFTY-NE Fall Homecoming                     November 8-10                  URJ Eisner Camp



Holiday Bazaar                                         December 8                        Robert Cohen Social Hall

Hanukkah Shul-In                                   December 14-15                Robert Cohen Social Hall

NFTY-NE December Institute                 December 26-30                URJ Eisner Camp




678/Subregion Day                                 January 12                          TBD



Winter Wonderland                                February 7-9                       Temple Adath Yeshurun, Manchester, NH



Purim Shul-In and Carnival                   March 7-8                            Robert Cohen Social Hall

NFTY-NE 678 Overnight                        March 13-14                        URJ Eisner Camp

NFTY-NE Spring Conclavette                Late March (TBD)                TBD



678/Subregion Day                                April 26                                TBD



Hagigah (Celebration)                           May 15-17                            TBD




Summer Institute: A 3-day retreat at URJ Crane Lake Camp in West Stockbridge, MA. Institute is an immersive experience for teens in grades 9-12. Participants spend the weekend with teens from around the region, doing fun activities, having meaningful conversations, and living as one community. All programs, activities, and services are written by teens, for teens!

  • In 2019, Summer Institute will be a three-day event. It will be longer than an average weekend event, starting Friday morning and ending Sunday evening. Many agree that Summer Institute is a great first event for teens, but a 4.5-day event has been a hard sell. The historic footprint of the five-day event was increasingly conflicting with returning from camp, school openings, sports team tryouts and practices, and family vacations. We believe this will help make the event more accessible and cost efficient.

Temple Youth Leadership Assembly (TYLA): This is an in-person and/or virtual one-day leadership experience for teens throughout the Northeast. Individual teens, Temple youth programs, youth groups, madrichim, etc. can all opt- in to this day of learning from a satellite or in-person location. Working in collaboration with NFTY-NAR (New York Area Region), we will create a learning experience that offer teens high-level leadership development workshops that are relevant to their role as Temple leaders and beyond. NFTY will provide workshop modules and a virtual keynote speaker that all satellite locations can access – allowing everyone to participate locally and still feel connected to the larger region.

  • We are seeking opportunities for teen leaders and congregations to participate in leadership development experiences that are local and have a connection to the larger Jewish community. This cross-regional day of learning, between NFTY-NAR and NE, offers the option of virtual or in-person learning as well as intro and high-level leadership training for teens who are active in all aspects of synagogue and school programming. This format also creates opportunities for synagogues to host NFTY regional programming and additional leadership opportunities for teens.

Levi Leap: Temple Beth Am’s (BATY) Levi Leap is NFTY-NE's #1 social event of the year! Join friends from all around the northeast for a day of community building, a regional dance, dinner, and Havdalah.


678/Subregion Days: A Sub-Regional/Pop-Up event is a local event that is open to all and is intended for a specific geographic area. These can be planned and hosted by a Temple youth community, individual teens, or NFTY-NE Sub-Regional Chairs. These events are generally 2-4 hours long. They can be planned for a variety of ages.

  • On the 2019-2020 calendar, we have set aside specific dates for local programming for both 6th-8th grades and 9th-12th Grades (8th-12th in the Spring). We are looking for volunteer congregations to host these events and open them up to other teens in their area. We will send more information soon about these events.

Fall Homecoming: This is a new joint event with NFTY-NE, NFTY-NAR (New York Area Region), and the NETC (Northeast Teen Collective), Eisner, Crane Lake, and Sci-Tech Camps. In lieu of NFTY-NE Fall Conclavette, NFTY-NAR Fall Kallah, and the NETC Leadership Summit, this will be an incredible weekend of community building, worship, and programming, with a focus on leadership. Staff and teen leaders from all organizations will work together to make this an exciting, empowering, and memorable weekend for all.

  • As we think about who our teens are and who they want to be, we realized this holistic is opportunity not only benefits our teens, but also strengthens all URJ communities in the geographic northeast. Together, we can create something that is so much greater than the sum of the parts. This event will be open to all teens in the geographic Northeast, which creates a unique opportunity for teens to make new friends and connect with their NFTY, camp, and congregational friends.

December Institute: A 5-day retreat at URJ Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, MA. Institute is an immersive experience for teens in grades 9-12. Participants spend the weekend with teens from around the region, doing fun activities, having meaningful conversations, and living as one community. All programs, activities, and services are written by teens, for teens!


Winter Wonderland: Winter Wonderland is an annual event hosted by Temple Adath Yeshurun (MANTY) in Manchester, NH. It includes participation in winter sports activities (skiing and/or tubing), Shabbat celebration, and fun!


678 Overnight: An overnight retreat at URJ Eisner Camp in Great Barrington, MA. NFTY678 provides middle- schoolers with an opportunity to spend the weekend with other Jewish teens from the northeast participating in fun activities and living as one community. This is a great opportunity to get a taste of a NFTY experience and enjoy fun, interactive programs led by awesome teens!


Spring Conclavette: A 3-day weekend event hosted by a congregation. Includes incredible programs, worship services, singing, dancing and lots of fun - all planned and led by the teen leaders of the host congregation! We are always excited to welcome 8th graders to their first regional event at Spring Conclavette. The weekend concludes with regional board elections.


Hagigah (Celebration): This new event, will be a weekend long Kallah, which will be open to 8th- 12th Grades. It will be congregationally hosted, but not in the traditional sense. Two nearby congregations will each host half the region, 8th-10th in one location, 11th-12th in the other. The teens will spend half their weekend all together (Friday night for Shabbat, Saturday night for a social program and senior send-off, and Sunday morning for Asefah and installations), and will spend Saturday separated between the congregations for grade-based programming.

  • Thinking about the flow of the year, we wanted to start the year with a focus on leadership development and end the year with a celebration of community. The new format creates a smaller group and large group experience and more opportunities for congregations to host NFTY events.

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