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Kindergarten Blog                                                  December 10, 2017

This Sunday we had a special day celebrating Hanukkah. We combined with the 4th grade for part of the class and played dreidel! The students were excited to collaborate with the older students and win some gelt as well! The day also consisted of learning the Hebrew letters in Alef Bet Bingo and Alef Bet Adventure. It was great to see the smiles on everyone’s faces during class!


Kindergarten Blog                                              December 3, 2017

Today we started off the class making Hanukkah cards for the Kol Haverim college students. The main focus of class was learning the importance of Tzedakah and being thankful for what we have. Everyone made great artwork to show what they are thankful for! We also had a very active class and played the Hebrew version of “Doggy, doggy, where’s your bone?” Overall it was a great day for everyone!



Kindergarten Blog                                              November 12, 2017

Today we had a great day learning about mezuzahs! The students learned a basic understanding  of mezuzahs and where to find them around the temple. We read the book Butterflies Under Our Hats by Sandy Eisenberg Sasso. We ended off the day with a fun art project which included making our own Stars of David!


Kindergarten Blog                                         November 5, 2017

We had an exciting week learning about what we do at temple and exploring more about the Torah. The students were eager to do an arts and crafts project where they were able to make their own Torahs! They also enjoyed learning about the traditions we follow during services and the people who lead the services. The day ended off with reciting prayers and reading the book NO Rules for Michael by Sylvia A. Rouss.


Kindergarten Blog                                                October 29, 2017

This past Sunday we had our Jewish Family Education workshop! The theme of the workshop was Shabbat and we combined with the first graders for this special occasion. The day started off with reading Sammy Spider’s First Shabbat by Sylvia Rouss. All of the students made their own Shabbat challah covers and Kiddush cups. We also had our own Shabbat service where the students led prayers. It was great to see the students singing all of the new Shabbat songs that they had just learned. This was a successful first Jewish Family Education workshop for everyone!






Kindergarten Blog                                                October 22, 2017

This week we started to learn all about the Hebrew alphabet. The class started off with an arts and crafts project about the letter alef. We continued to play fun games relating to the Hebrew alphabet. Also, we read Alef-bet: a hebrew alphabet book by Michelle Edwards and had some good discussions about what we learned. The students had such a great time this week!


Kindergarten Blog                                            October 15, 2017

This Sunday we learned all about Simchat Torah and the traditions that we follow for this holiday. We sang a song for the holiday called David Melech Yisrael, which the children would love to share with you! All of the students enjoyed learning what we do during Simchat Torah and we ended off the morning with an art project. In addition, we got to go outside and play some games while checking out the Sukkah. It was a really great class because we had all of our students here!



Kindergarten                                                September 24, 2017

On Sunday, we had a great time learning about Yom Kippur and the traditions that many families celebrate. The children learned about the holiday through books, and games. They also made decorations for Sukkot that will be hung in the Sukkah! We also got to have music which the kids enjoyed. 

On another note, I am so excited to pass along this wonderful position to Ariane Sudenfield, who will be taking over the Kindergarten teaching spot for the remainder of the school year. I know she will do a great job! Ariane spent the morning with us this Sunday and we had a great time! 

I hope everyone has an easy fast and a Happy New Year!


Kindergarten Blog                                               September 17, 2017

This week, we learned about Rosh Hashanah and traditions that come with celebrating the
holiday. We began with a story about Rosh Hashanah and how it can be celebrated differently
in each family, city, or place. The weather was so nice, allowing us to go outside and play games
that are familiar but have a Rosh Hashanah twist to them. The students really enjoyed playing and it
was great to be outside in the nice weather! It was a very good week!


Kindergarten Blog                                            September 10, 2017

This Sunday, our class focused on getting to know each other better. We went around in a circle and learned each other’s names and different facts about each person. It was great to see all of the opinions and ideas! After, we went on a walk around the building because as Kindergartners, this is the first time that we are at Religious School. We briefly discussed what we would be learning about this year before moving to the Sanctuary for a brief service. I look forward to seeing what the school year brings!


Wed, January 24 2018 8 Sh'vat 5778