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9th Grade Blog                                                         November 29, 2017

Today we talked about modesty and how society tells us how we should dress, as well as whether what our religion tells us about dress is for protection or is sexist. We then watched a video that described the history of the bikini and how that has affected society and the societal views of women, including how men view women in bikinis and women view themselves in bikinis.


9th Grade Blog                                                      November 15, 2017

During class this week, we held a Jewish Family Education night for 8th-12th grade students and parents. We began with a mini-lecture pertaining to the German people and their role in both world wars. Afterward we held a debate focusing on whether or not the German people should be blamed for the atrocities carried out by the Nazi regime. Afterwards, we held a brief discussion, where it was unanimously decided that while we should forgive modern Germany to make way for a peaceful world, it is our duty to remember these atrocities and never forget those we lost. Attached are links to two videos - Click here for the first one, a Holocaust survivor speaking about forgiving the German people, and click here for the second one, a visual called The Fallen of World War II that portrays statistics pertaining to the Second World War. 


9th Grade                                                                  October 25, 201

Today in class we talked about substance abuse. We took a survey about ourselves, what we like, hate, like to do, etc. Also, we drew where we think on our bodies are affected by substance abuse. Then we discussed a passage in the Torah about ourselves and how we should respect our bodies. We also discussed how it not only affects you, but others. Lastly, we drew a poster about the difficulties with substance abuse and drugs.


9th Grade Blog                                                      October 18, 2017

In class today we talked about the concepts of gender and sexuality. We drew on a paper what we think the gender associated with typical occupations are and discussed our results. We also discussed several different questions concerning topics such as: what is sexuality?, what is gender?, how many different forms of gender and sexuality are there? Then we related it all to the Torah and what Judaism says about it.


9th Grade Blog                                                 September 13, 2017

This week during class, we discussed body politics and the stereotypes that are portrayed in society. In particular we talked extensively on the concepts of substance abuse, mental/physical illness and self harm. We also watched a great video, which I highly recommend, that led to an excellent discussion on the portrayal of high schools in society. We ended off by sharing opinions on the religious relevance of this unit and began a discussion, which I hope to continue next class, on the students' concepts of the Torah in reference to mental illness and body politics.

video: "To This Day"


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779