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8th Grade Blog                                                       November 29, 2017

Tonight we started our first lesson on the Holocaust. The students participated in an activity called “Loss of Identity” where they filled in parts of their identity including things like name, hair color, gender, family members, friends, favorite activities, most special possessions and more. In the simulation, everything that was a part of their identity was slowly stripped away from the students, much like what happened during the Holocaust. We discussed how this simulation made them feel and what some of the harder or easier things to give up were. We then viewed the 15-minute video of Eva Kor (video link in previous blog) and we discussed our reactions to the video and whether we could have forgiven the Nazi doctor as she had. This was a very eye-opening video and discussion for everyone. We also talked a bit about Neo-Nazis and anti-Semitism that still exist today.



Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779