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8th Grade Blog                                                         November 8, 2017

We were so lucky to have the Anti-Defamation League come to Kol Haverim and do a program with the upper school. I think the students as well as myself were very moved by what was discussed. For those of you who were unable to make it to the event, we talked about experiences of anti-Semitism and how we as Jews can use strategies to combat and respond to anti-Semitic comments. Along with the two men who work for the ADL, there were three teens who shared experiences that were definitely difficult to listen to. The teens, although they each had different stories, were able to share what they took away from the experience and how they have learned to move forward. The program was well worth our time and I know the parents who joined us had a worthwhile time as well!


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779