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8th Grade Blog                                                     September 27, 2017

Last class we focused on stereotypes in general, while this week we went more in depth into Jewish stereotypes specifically. We started by brainstorming common or know stereotypes of Americans, African Americans, and Muslims based on appearance, food, etc. We then transitioned into talking about important definitions including: anti-Semitism, discrimination, propaganda, stereotypes, and Holocaust denial. I had the students quick draw, with the instructions “draw someone Jewish using as much detail as possible.”


Each student shared their drawing and why they chose to include specific aspects. We scored the drawings where each drawing started at 24 points and 2 points were deducted if certain things were included in the drawing - like a tall hat, curls, glasses, big nose, old, money involved, etc. The students with the lowest scores would likely end up with a more stereotypical drawing. This was not meant to reinforce stereotypes but rather to become aware of assumptions that we make about ourselves as well as others. We talked about the human tendency to make these assumptions and perhaps being more open-minded and mindful in the future to avoid supporting these and other stereotypes. We concluded with discussion of other more encompassing Jewish stereotypes like Jewish American Princesses (JAP), nice Jewish boys (NJB), and Jewish mothers. The students were quick to share examples of places they have seen these stereotypes, whether in the real world or in a cartoon.


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779