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8th Grade Blog                                                September 13, 2017

Today in class, we did a lesson on stereotypes and had very meaningful discussion. We started by discussing what the word "stereotype" meant. The students then did an activity where they had to choose who they'd want to spend the day with. The choices, for example, were choosing between a millionaire football player or a fundraiser for a United Nations children's charity. It turns out that all of the options described the same person and showed how easy it is to make assumptions. I then put labels with adjectives on the students' foreheads and asked them to go around the room and have conversations with each other, keeping the adjective in mind.


What the students were doing was stereotyping that person. They had to guess what word was on their head and then we had meaningful discussion on stereotypes, how it feels to be stereotyped and ways we could attempt to avoid making assumptions about people. We ended with a few videos focusing on stereotypes and overall I think the students really enjoyed the lesson and took a lot from it!


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779