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7th Grade Blog                                                    November 15, 2017


Tonight we studied another chapter from the CHAI curriculum entitled, "God and the Jewish People: A Relationship Like No Other." The students were asked to prepare answers to two questions and then make a presentation in front of the class.

Question 1: Based on your Judaic studies over the years, what have you learned about the relationship between God and the Jewish people back in the early days of Judaism?
Answers included, "God was more of a mentor back then; we looked to him for safety, and he was a teacher." "People could hear God, He was a demanding God." "God was closer with the people back in the ancient times." "I think that the relationship was that the Jews did what God commanded them to do." "God was kind of a leader, do what he says and you shall be rewarded." "The relationship was good, although sometimes some of the people didn't listen to God." "They didn't always listen to him but they respected him." 

Question 2: What about your own personal relationship with God, especially now at the time of your Bar/Bat Mitzvah. Do you feel closer to God now more than you did a few years ago?
Answers included, "God knows I exist as I know that he exists, but I don't feel like I have a lot of interaction with him." "I feel closer to God now because I am new to Hebrew school and I have learned a great deal in the past month by being part of Mr. Weinberg's Judaica class." "The more I learned about Judaism, the more I felt closer to God." "As I am learning Torah, I am learning more about God and feel closer to him." "Now that I am close to having my Bat Mitzvah and becoming a Jewish adult, I feel closer with God." "No!." "I understand more about Judaism, and feel closer to God." "Three years ago I was very close to God. However, someone close to me got sick. Every day I prayed for her to get better. Then suddenly she died. A little bit of my trust in God died with her."

Overall, in my six years of teaching at CKH, this was one of the most interesting sessions I have ever conducted. Your students communicated from their hearts,  and opened up about their feelings on the relationship between God and themselves. You should feel very proud of them!


Joel Weinberg

Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779