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7th Grade Blog                                                     September 27, 2017


We had a short class this evening, due to the students' participation in activities to learn about GRSLY and GRSLY Jr, CKH's youth groups.  During class time, we chanted some prayers together to assess competence and needs.  We will start to make more progress when we return to school the week of October 16 after our break. 



Tonight each of your children wrote down their thoughts on three questions and then presented their answers to the questions to the entire class. 

  • What Does the Day of Atonement mean to you?
  • What kind of personal improvements do you plan to make to your life in the Jewish New Year?
  • What improvements do we as a society need to make in the new year?

The responses to question one centered around "Apologizing to God for all the mistakes that were made in the previous year." Other students said, "We get to reflect on ourselves as a person," "A time to redeem ourselves and say thanks to God for what we have," and "We fast to feel the pain of those we've hurt."

Question two responses centered around being nicer to family and friends. "I plan to be calmer when my sister does something that annoys me." "Spread smiles to other people." "I want to be totally honest, even when it hurts." "I plan to respect my peers and teachers." "I want to play a role in improving society."

Question three responses included, "As a society we need to accept others who are different from us." "Be kinder and more giving to people in need." "Stop bullying, education equality, build up places hurt by the hurricane."

Once again your children showed their ability to spend time thinking carefully about their responses and presenting their thoughts extremely well to the class.
Joel Weinberg

Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779