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6th Grade Blog                                            November 12-15, 2017



Sunday's lesson was all about learning the Torah Service as a public reading. We began by asking a few preference questions; for example, do you prefer to watch a ball game on TV or to be at a stadium? and other similar questions. We then had a discussion about the difference between communal and private events. While there are things some of us like to do by ourselves, in the Jewish tradition, there are certain things that can only be done in community like a minyan, recitation of Bar’chu, recitation of kaddish, public Torah reading, and more. We talked about the following quote: “God reveals Himself not only in the majesty, beauty and orderliness of nature, but also in the vision and moral striving of the human spirit. Revelation is a continuous process, confined to no one group and to no one age.” We know that Revelation is ongoing and about us and we also know that our tradition of strong community is something that has been going on since the Torah was read publicly in the marketplace 2,500 years ago.

On Wednesday, we had an abbreviated class time due to an awesome program about sleepaway camp - specifically, the 3 URJ camps in our area: Eisner, Crane Lake and 6-Point Sci-Tech! I know that a lot of your children already attend sleepaway camp and absolutely love it! If they are not already enrolled and seem interested or would like to know more about the sleepaway camps that were discussed in the program tonight, please contact Karen Trager! Since class time was short, I left the time open to what the students wanted to do. They took an interest in helping me complete the classroom bulletin board. They took charge and we all created pieces that really reflected our individual personalities and how we are as a whole!


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779