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5th Grade Page


     Alyssa Edelheit



                                       Samantha Edelheit             Jason Gardiner  

                                                Madricha                            Madrich

Curriculum: Students will explore the theme Reform Judaism, as they learn about the lessons of the Prophets, the prayer-to-action connection through the Amidah, and our responsibilities as members of the Jewish community. They will also delve into the Jewish life cycle as part of their studies.




      Yifat Avner



                        Lilah Cohen         Hannah Kaufman             Saul Lawrence

                           Madricha                   Madricha                          Madrich


                         Lily Seagull              Andrew Souder               Josh Souder

                            Madricha                      Madrich                            Madrich


Curriculum: Students will focus on learning additional major prayers in the Jewish worship service, as well as Hatikvah. Students will also continue to demonstrate their Hebrew skills by continuing to learn specific prayers associated with the Shabbat morning service.


- Avot v’ima-hot

- G’vu-rot

- Kiddushah

- Kaddish

- Kiddush

- Hatikvah

- Hanukkah Blessings

- Four Questions



Special Programs

- Sunday, 3/21 - Jewish Family Education

- Friday, 2/5 - 1st Friday Shabbat service at 6:00 p.m.

Wed, October 20 2021 14 Cheshvan 5782