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5th Grade Blog                                                       November 5-8, 2017


On Wednesday, November 8th, we learned about the Prophet Jeremiah. Through texts and discussions we learned that Jeremiah was reluctant to take the role of a prophet. Jeremiah lost all his friends and was jailed for his prophecy against the king, yet he was still compelled to follow God's decree and speak to the Israelites about the way they treated one another. We watched a short animated video, God Called Jeremiah, bringing the story of Jeremiah to life. Click here to check it out.



On Sunday, students analyzed various blessings with a partner. Students were asked to think and write about whether this blessing is an important need for our day and how this blessing can best be filled. Students then created a blessing for today in their own words based on the theme of their assigned blessing.




The students are still working on the prayer G’vurot. Please make sure your child comes prepared to class. Please sign your child’s homework calendar after they finish their assignments.


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779