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5th Grade Blog                                                        October 22-25, 2017



On Wednesday, October 25th, we learned of Deborah the Prophet. Deborah was a prophet and a judge, and we learned of the roles of judges and prophets. We watched a short video telling the story of Deborah and her role in conquering Canaan, and the story of Yael who killed Sisera, as in the prophesy. We then read a simplified version of the texts from Judges 4 and learned different interpretations of the texts (Midrashim).




The students are almost finished reading the Avot V’imahote. Some students have finished it already and started the next prayer, which is G’vurote Please check your child’s homework calendar for specific homework assignments. When your child finishes his/her assignment, please sign the proper box on the homework calendar.


Have a good week,


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779