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5th Grade Blog                                              September 6-13, 2017



It was great meeting you all during the first week of school. We have begun reviewing the Hebrew Alef-bet and vowels, and will continue to do so in the coming week. Parents, please remember to sign your child’s homework calendar after they finish their assignment.  

Have a good week,




On Wednesday, we started our Torah section with “What is in the Tanach (Hebrew Bible)?" fun quiz. First, we learned that the Torah is the first section of the Tanach and that it is a part of the larger Hebrew Bible, also known as Tanach. Second, we learned how to find the Nvi-im section in the bible and we tried to find as many prophets as possible in a word search page. Then, we found the third section of the bible, Ktuvim. In Ktuvim we found the verse T’hilim/Psalms 133, which is the origin of the song, “hine ma tov uma naim.” Just then, like a sign from above, the music team walked in and we all sang it together!

In the next few months we will be studying the second section of the Tanach – N’vi-im, exploring the different prophets and their messages to the people of Israel.



In beginning the Avodah (worship) section of the CHAI Curriculum on Sunday, our madrichim Ben and Alex facilitated students' reflections on the question, How can prayer affect what I do in my daily life? Students began by thinking about a time they prayed, and what the prayer was about. We explored the statement, "Prayer is reaching" and worked on interpreting quotations about prayer ("Prayer may not save us, but prayer makes us worth saving," and "Our prayer becomes meaningful when we do everything we can to make them come true." As we continue our studies, students will focus on several key Jewish prayers, what they may mean to the students, and how we might act to make these prayers come true.



Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779