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4th Grade Blog                                                   September 24-27, 2017


On Wednesday, September 27, we learned that the term Am Yisrael does not refer just to those people who live in the land of Israel. It reflects the idea that all Jews are the descendants of Israel (Jacob). All Jewish people belong to and are members of Am Yisrael. We discussed what it possibly felt like to be a part of Am Yisrael on Mount Sinai and what it feels like today to be a part of Am Yisrael.


We wrote our thoughts and feeling in a worksheet using these important questions:
1.  You are a member of Am Yisrael – the Jewish people. What do you think that means?
2.  What is most special about being a member of Am Yisrael – the Jewish people?
3.  What makes you feel a part of Am Yisrael?
4.  Do you have any responsibilities as a member of Am Yisrael?
With the short time we had left, we discussed Yom Kippur, it's meaning and customs, and I shared my memories of Yom Kippur from the time I was their age in Israel.
G'mar Chatima Tova  גמר חתימה טובה
May you be inscribed for a good year

On Sunday, we discussed the high holidays and some of the traditions that we take part in at this time. We then made decorations for the Kol Haverim sukkah!


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779