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3rd Grade Blog                                             November 29, 2017


On Wednesday, we were getting more connected with Judaism with a focus on the shehecheyanu. We brainstormed ways that we feel connected to other people and discussed how that could help us connect to God. I explained that the shehecheyanu is a prayer that is said on special and happy occasions. We repeated the prayer together and as a class we compiled a list on the whiteboard of  “shehecheyanu moments” - we were very creative with it! We shared three case stories of students who told of moments when they said the shehecheyanu. Students in class took on the role of each of the students and we had meaningful discussions after each one. We agreed that saying the shehecheyanu can make a moment in time more kadosh, or connected to God. 


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779