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3rd Grade Blog                                                    November 19, 2017



On Sunday, we had the chance to complete the lesson that we briefly began on Wednesday. The students were told to think of someone special to them and we created a running list of characteristics of those people. We usually think people are special because of the ways in which they care about us and try to help us, just as God cares about us and tries to help us. I taped posters around the room with the headings “Parent,” “Friend,” “Rabbi,”  and “Teacher.” We participated in a "gallery walk" where the students went around to each poster and wrote things this person does that makes them feel special. Each student took a look at their peers' and teachers' responses and then we discussed them. We learned that we relate to God by understanding our relationships with special people in our lives and we can listen to God by relating to people.  



Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779