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3rd Grade Blog                                                         November 12-15, 2017


On Sunday, we spent a lot of time talking about how sometimes when we face a challenge, it is hard to notice God, or we might feel far away from God. We talked about ways to strengthen our relationship to God when God feels hidden or far away. Our madrich Jacob did a wonderful job telling the story of Jacob and Esau and we discussed that Esau may have felt mad or tricked and that Jacob might have felt guilty and upset as he ran away. We also told the “Jacob’s Dream” story and everyone was surprised that God came to Jacob when he least expected it.

On Wednesday, we had abbreviated class time due to an awesome program about sleepaway camp - specifically, the 3 URJ camps in our region: Eisner, Crane Lake and 6-Point Sci-Tech! If your children seem interested or would like to know more about the sleepaway camps that were discussed in the program tonight, please contact Karen Trager! Since our time was short, we briefly discussed how our relationships with one another help us have a relationship with God.


Tue, September 18 2018 9 Tishrei 5779