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3rd Grade Blog                                                    October 22-25, 2017


On Sunday, we spent time doing a review of what makes us holy. We finished up some work in our tip book on how we treat others who make mistakes, or how we rebuke others. We also played a game where the class was split into two groups, and each group had madrichim to help them. They were tasked with coming up with a list of as many creative things that they could that they feel are “holy.” After 3 minutes, the groups shared what they had and they only received points for unique ideas that did not appear on both groups’ lists. On Wednesday, we discussed the sabbatical year and how it is the 7th year where we allow the land to rest so it can keep providing for us. We then did a writing activity where we each pretended to be a piece of land and had to write about how we felt during the sabbatical year when we were allowed to rest. A lot of the students conveyed how thankful and relaxed they were after working hard to grow crops for the people for six years. It was a fun activity for the students to understand why such a year exists.




On Wednesday, we covered some Yom Kippur and Sukkot readings together. We also studied the blessings recited during these holidays. We continued learning our new letters, mem and lamed. The students have received worksheets, pages 4-18, and have worked through page 15. We are working on the first two lessons in our text, Shalom U'vrachah. We will continue our progress and be finished with holiday studies by next week.

On Sunday, we worked on learning Hebrew letters this whole class, with great help from several madrichim.  We reviewed bet, shin, tav, hay and vet.  We began to learn mem and lamed as well.  We will continue wrapping up the last few holidays and reinforcement of the new letters for our next class or two.  We have gotten to page 15 in our handouts, and we will use our books for additional material.

Mr. Z.

Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779