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1st Grade Blog                                                   December 3, 2017

We began our day with our mitvzot, tefilah, and tzedekah (just a reminder, please bring tzedakah if you can!). We then started our activity, which was a synagogue scavenger hunt, to teach the students about the parts of the synagogue. We learned about the sanctuary, including the ark, eternal light, shulchan, and Torah, as well as the Cohen Social Hall! While completing our scavenger hunt, the students drew in their synagogue coloring books. After our scavenger hunt, we had music with Ben and made Hanukkah cards for the synagogue’s college students.

See you next week, which is Tamar’s last class with us before she leaves for Israel! We will miss her greatly!


Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779