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1st Grade Blog                                                        April 22, 2018

Today was Israel Day!

We started with our morning meeting, in which we discussed mitzvot and tzedakah, and sang tefilah. After, we began our Israel journey! We started by distributing passports and “flying to Israel.” When we “landed” we went talked about kibbutzim, and read Chicken Man by Michelle Edwards. The students then wrote in their passports about what they would do on a Kibbutz. Then, we went to the Sanctuary to look at the Israeli flag, and made our own Israeli flags. We had snack, and then learned an Israeli dance! We then wrote about the Western Wall, and then had tefilah with the kindergartners. 

Today was my last class due to my graduations, but I hope to see you all at the Teacher Appreciation Shabbat on April 27!

Class will continue on April 29, as well as May 6.

1st Grade Blog                                                     March 25-28, 2018

Today we joined with the kindergarten class to learn more about Passover! We read Mrs. Katz and Tush, by Patricia Polacco, and then played a fun telephone game. After, the students all made seder plates, which you can use during your seder! We had a mock seder and practiced the Four Questions! We then practiced singing for our Friday night service which is on April 6! 

Our next day of Religious School is on Sunday, April 22, which will be my last day.

I hope you all have a meaningful Passover!


1st Grade Blog                                                       March 18, 2018

We had such a fun class today! The kindergartners joined our class to learn all about Passover. I started by retelling the Passover story with puppets. Then, the students learned and practiced the Four Questions, which they can recite at your Passover seders! (The following video is very helpful for practicing: ) They also made Miriam’s cups to honor Miriam, Moses’ sister, who helped the Jewish people escape Egypt with her positive attitude and by giving them access to clean water. You can honor Miriam and powerful women by filling the cup with water and placing on your seder tables! Next we read Sammy Spider’s First Passover and Dayenu. We then sang Dayenu and watched a video ( ). After, we sang and danced to the Passover frog song! 

Next week we will learn even more about Passover! Have a great week!


1st Grade Blog                                                          March 4, 2018

Today was a very exciting day! We performed two showings of our Purim Puppet Show to every grade in the Hebrew School! The students did amazingly well! We used the puppets we made ourselves.

After, we read Cakes and Miracles: A Purim Tale by Barbara Diamond Goldin and Jaime Zollars and made paper plate hamantaschen.

Our next class is on March 18! See you then!


1st Grade Blog                                                       February 25, 2018

Today we learned more about Purim! We started with our morning meeting and mitzvah discussion, and read Sammy Spider’s First Purim by Sylvia A. Rouss and Katherine Janus Kahn. After, we made graggers which can be used on Purim, as well as decorations for our bulletin board. Lastly, we played “Aleph Bet: I have who has.”

See you next Sunday and, hopefully, on Wednesday night, as well, for Purim!


1st Grade Blog                                                     February 11, 2018

Today we talked all about Purim! We started with our mitzvot discussion and morning meeting, and read The Mystery Bear: A Purim Story by Leone Adelson and Naomi Howland. I then assigned roles for each student to have in our Purim Puppet Show, which we will present to the kindergartners in a few weeks. We read the script and the students made puppets for their characters. After that, we joined the kindergarten class for music.

See you on February 25!


1st Grade Blog                                                          February 4, 2018

Today, we talked all about the Torah. We started with our discussion of mitzvot and tefilah, then read Ten Good Rules by Susan Ramick Topek and Tod Cohen, as well as The Littlest Mountain by Barb Rosenstock and Melanie Hall. We then made Torahs out of paper, and talked about the parts of the Torah. We had music with kindergarten and played a new game with the Aleph Bet, called “I have, Who has?”

See you on Sunday!


1st Grade Blog                                                      January 28, 2018

Thank you to everyone who came to our second Jewish Family Education event, celebrating Tu B’Shevat. We started by reading The Lorax by Dr. Seuss and discussing why trees are so important. We then decorated flower pots and planted parsley (to harvest in time for Passover Seder), created family trees, played an awesome Tu B’Shevat game and sang a song. After, we had a mock Seder for Tu B'Shevat in which students tried many fruits and talked about their importance.

See you next week!


1st Grade Blog                                                      January 21, 2018

Today, we started with our morning meeting, and began talking about Tu B’Shevat. We made a brain map of ideas about trees, read The Lorax by Dr. Seuss, and then added more information to the brain map. We discussed ways that we can make the world better and help trees, and the students each wrote an idea on a leaf, that was then attached to our newly decorated bulletin board. The students also made birthday cards for the trees and family trees. After, we pretended we were trees and did “tree yoga.”

I am looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday, January 28 for our second Jewish Family Education Event!


1st Grade Blog                                                     January 7, 2018

We started our day with our morning meeting and then read Joseph Had a Little Overcoat by Simms Taback. We then went on a mezuzah hunt through the synagogue and talked about what mezuzot are. The students made their own mezuzot to hang in your homes and had a gallery walk to show each other their mezuzot. We also read Something From Nothing by Phoebe Gilman, and compared it to Joseph Had a Little Overcoat, since they tell a similar story. We played Shimon Omer and a new Aleph Bet game to practice the letters. I also taught the students how to count to ten in Hebrew, as they were very eager to learn. Also, our second Jewish Family Education event will be on January 28, and will be all about Tu B’Shevat! 

See you on January 21!


1st Grade Blog                                               December 17, 2017

Today was such an exciting day! We began our day with tefilah and mitzvot, and Ellie read The Only One Club, a Hanukkah story by Jane Naliboff and Jeff Hopkins. After, the sixth grade class performed a fantastic Hanukkah play for us, which told us all about the Hanukkah story. The first graders then sang a medley of Hanukkah songs, including The Maccabees, Dreidel Dreidel Dreidel, I’m a Latke, and Hanukkah Oh Hanukkah. We made stained glass candles that look beautiful hung in the window and Hanukkah cards. I read another Hanukkah story called Beni’s First Chanukah by Jane Breskin Zalben. We played “Giant Dreidel” and then went to tefilah! I hope you all have a great rest of Hanukkah and I’ll see you on January 7!


1st Grade Blog                                                     December 10, 2017

Today we started our Hanukkah celebration! We learned the prayers for the Hanukkah candles and made prayer sheets. The students also played a giant dreidel and trivia game with Tamar and made candle hats with Ellie and me. We sang a Hanukkah song, "In My Window," and acted out lighting the candles, using our new hats. The students gave Tamar the beautiful cards they made a few weeks ago to thank her for all her help.

I hope you have a wonderful Hanukkah (which starts on Tuesday, December 12)! See you all next week!


1st Grade Blog                                                   December 3, 2017

We began our day with our mitvzot, tefilah, and tzedekah (just a reminder, please bring tzedakah if you can!). We then started our activity, which was a synagogue scavenger hunt, to teach the students about the parts of the synagogue. We learned about the sanctuary, including the ark, eternal light, shulchan, and Torah, as well as the Cohen Social Hall! While completing our scavenger hunt, the students drew in their synagogue coloring books. After our scavenger hunt, we had music with Ben and made Hanukkah cards for the synagogue’s college students.

See you next week, which is Tamar’s last class with us before she leaves for Israel! We will miss her greatly!


1st Grade Blog                                                           November 19, 2017

We began our day by sharing our mitzvot of the week, and singing tefilah with the siddurim we made last week! We then talked about how today is Rosh Chodesh, the first day of the month. We learned the Hebrew names for the parts of the body, and drew detailed portraits with labels in Hebrew and English. We then went to music with Mrs. Trager, who sang Debbie Friedman’s Aleph Bet song and Happy Thanksgiving song with us. Mrs. Trager also talked with us about the similarities and differences between Sukkot and Thanksgiving. After music, we played Shimon Omer (Simon Says) and practiced the Hebrew words for the parts of the body.


Our next class will be on December 3. Have a great Thanksgiving!


1st Grade Blog                                                           November 12, 2017

We began our day with our morning prayers and story. Today, we read Oy Vey! Life in a Shoe by Bonnie Grubman, and talked about how we all need to appreciate what we have. We then made siddurim (prayerbooks) with all of the prayers that we sing as a class on Sundays. We also played Shimon Omer, or Simon Says. Our day concluded by welcoming kindergarten, third, and fifth graders into our classroom for tefilah, for which the first graders were incredibly well behaved and participatory!
Have a great week!


1st Grade Blog                                                         November 5, 2017

Today we learned about Noah’s Ark! We read a book about Noah’s Ark (Two by Two: The Story of Noah's Ark by Alice Joyce Davidson and Magie Swanson) and discussed how in the Torah, we learn from the lessons that are told. We then created animals to fill the Noah’s Ark that we made for our bulletin board! We also learned more about the Hebrew letter aleph, and played our aleph bet game.


See you next week!


1st Grade Blog                                                    October 29, 2017

Today was such an exciting day! We had our first Jewish Family Education event, all about Shabbat! We read two Shabbat books - Sammy Spider’s First Shabbat and Bim and Bam: A Shabbat Tale - made challah covers and Kiddush cups, had a mock Friday night dinner, and sang Shabbat songs. Thank you to everyone who joined us!



1st Grade Blog                                                       October 22, 2017

Today in class, we learned about the creation story from the Torah! We read a story, and then created multi-media posters. We then played our aleph bet game, completely silently! The students were so kind, helpful, and encouraging to each other!


Remember next week is our Jewish Family Education: Shabbat! This will start at 9:00, and will be in Room 12. See you all then!


1st Grade                                                             October 15, 2017

Today we learned about the Hebrew alphabet! We sang the Aleph Bet song, made letters to decorate our bulletin board, and played some games to help learn the letters. In one game, we put the letters in alphabetical order without talking! The students were fascinated by the letters and are very excited to learn more Hebrew!


In a few weeks we will practice writing the students’ Hebrew names, so we would appreciate if you could write it down and have your children bring it to school! On October 29, we will have a big family Shabbat celebration, so mark your calendars! See you next week!


1st Grade Blog                                                   September 24, 2017

     Today was such a busy class! We started with our morning meeting in which we discussed mitzvot and tzedakah. We then talked about Yom Kippur and read a special story. Then, we built model sukkahs and made decorations for the synagogue’s sukkah. We had music and looked at a Torah in the sanctuary. We will look again after Simchat Torah so we can see how we start from the beginning again!
Please remember to bring tzedakah for next class! I hope you all have a wonderful Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah, and we’ll see you again on October 18!

Molly and Tamar

1st Grade Blog                                                   September 17, 2017

Today we began class with Tzedakah, Tefilah, and a discussion about Mitzvot. We then sang songs about apples and honey, and talked about Rosh Hashanah. We made our own shofars that they can actually use, as well as stained glass shofars that looks beautiful in front of a window!


Next week we will learn about Yom Kippur, Sukkot, and Simchat Torah!
Shanah Tovah! See you next Sunday!


1st Grade Blog                                                    September 10, 2017

Today was a wonderful first day of Hebrew School! The students were all very enthusiastic, considerate, and respectful about learning! Today, we spent our short time together getting to know each other. We played a name game, discussed our favorite Jewish holidays, and then made nametags featuring students' favorite Jewish holidays. The students worked very hard, and I know that this will be a great year!

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me at We look forward to seeing you all next week!

Molly and Tamar

Thu, September 20 2018 11 Tishrei 5779