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2nd Grade Blog                                                       January 6, 2019

Today we discussed G’milut Chasadim (acts of loving kindness).  We focused on the difference between a mitzvah like tzedakah and G’milut Chasadim.  Though it’s a little difficult to understand, our students got the concept right away. Both are mitzvot (commandments) but different because one is free choice, meaning one can determine how and when loving kindness is demonstrated, and other mitzvot are more prescriptive and are done because one has been commanded to do so.

We talked about how sometimes it may seem difficult for children to make a difference in the world but they really can have a lot of impact (some examples were helping a friend who had fallen or sitting with someone at school who was sitting alone). We capped off our discussion with a project where we pictured the students as Kindness Superheroes: what would their “shields” look like and as Superheroes what types of acts would they perform? We had such a good discussion that not everyone had time to finish their projects. They have all of the materials and can finish at home if they would like to.

We also worked in our Hebrew primers (with the goal to finish the entire book and know all of the letters and sounds by the end of the school year).  This will prepare the students to jump right in next year when Hebrew learning takes on an even greater focus.  The students are working hard and I am almost certain that we can accomplish this goal.

We had a great (and extra-long) music session with Morah Molly and the Kindergarten/First Graders.  We had a lot of fun singing and learning hand movements and dance steps to go along with the prayers. 

 I have three quick reminders:

  • First, please send in tzedakah; the money will be going to a great cause which we will be discussing as a class a little later in the year.
  • Second, the special second grade Shabbat service and dinner will be on Friday, February 1.  More information will be forthcoming but I want to make sure it’s on all of our calendars.
  • Third, our second Jewish Family Education program will be held on Sunday, March 17.  It is still some time away from now but it will be a great session that shouldn’t be missed (and there will be hamantaschen)

Have a great week and I look forward to seeing everyone next Sunday!


2nd Grade Blog                                                         December 16, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!


We had fun at religious school today and worked on a number of activities, which included:

  • Continuing our Hebrew learning through the Hebrew Pre-Primer practice book
  • Talking about Bedtime Rituals and how easy it is to include prayer into our bedtime routine:
    • We talked about two prayers in particular, Sh’ma and Hashkiveinu, which make us feel safe when we are sleeping
    • We started a project depicting bedtime rituals and prayer which we will finish when we are back from break
  • Morah Molly taught us some new prayers and dances as we joined the Kindergarten and First Grade class in the Cohen Social Hall.
  • Please continue sending in money for tzedakah - we have just raised over $10 and every penny counts! 

I’m looking forward to seeing everyone when we return from break.  I hope everyone has some much-needed time off and is well rested and ready to learn in the new year!  I’m looking forward to seeing you all on January 6th


Happy New Year!


2nd Grade Blog                                                          December 9, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!

I would like to thank each and every one of you for making my experience at Kol Haverim so wonderful. I felt so welcomed right from the beginning and had such an amazing time teaching - it was such a learning experience for me and the students as well!

Ms Jen will be taking over teaching 2nd Grade next week as today unfortunately was my last class.

Thank you again for the wonderful semester. I can’t wait to see all of your successes!

Ciao from Italy! - Jess

2nd Grade Blog                                                         December 2, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!

We had another fun day at Religious School, which included furthering our learning through the Hebrew Pre-Primer practice book, reading a book about the historical history of Hanukkah and having a Hanukkah singalong session with Morah Molly and the Kindergarten and 1st grade class.

Please continue sending in money for tzedakah - we have just raised over $10 and every penny counts!

I look forward to seeing everyone on Sunday.


2nd Grade Blog                                                       November 18, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!

Today was my first time teaching solo and the students, madrichim and I had a very busy morning.

We discussed Eilu D’varim - a list of ten mitzvot focusing on the ways each of us can improve the world.  As it was a lot to think about, we read a paraphrasing of the prayer (by Evan Moffic):

How will you find happiness in this world and peace in the world to come? By learning these wisdom practices from your ancestors:
- Honor those who gave you life
- Be kind
- Keep learning
- Invite others into your life
- Be there when others need you
- Celebrate good times
- Support yourself and others during times of loss
- Pray with intention
- Forgive
- Look inside and commit

We then read a funny book about what not to do: 17 Things I’m Not Allowed to Do Anymore by Jenny Offill.

We delved into four main points from the prayer and each student wrote down a mitzvah corresponding with these points. Here are their thoughtful responses:

Be Kind to People:

Be kind to people/Be really kind
Be kind and loving
Being kind to your parents
Be kind to others; don’t bully     
Be really nice/Be Nice
Use good manners (2)
Be helpful to other people
Help people carry things
Do chores
Donate to the poor

Make Peace among People

Giving back stuff that you stole
Be calm (2)
Help solve a conflict
Be really kind
Leave people alone

Treat Parents with Respect

Help your parents clean the table
Be helpful cleaning for my parents
Ask permission
Help people
Help your parents
Listen to your Mom and Dad

Pay Attention to Learning

Help with a problem
Help kids with math
Help kids focus
Listen to your teacher/Pay attention to the teacher
Because you have to learn
Focus on your work
Keep your mind open for new thoughts

We had a great music lesson with Morah Molly, sang the Chanukah prayers and learned some new Chanukah songs. Lastly, we made Chanukah cards for CKH college students and wished them well on their finals.

We learned a lot today and I look forward to being back in the classroom on December 18th as Jess has a final exam and is then off to Italy. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


2nd Grade Blog                                                             November 11, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!

Thank you SO much for the amazing Family Education Day! I truly appreciated seeing every student and parent so genuinely excited to participate and learn more about Hanukkah. This was my first Family Education event and clearly is going to be so hard to top - thank you so much for making the day so special for me!


I will not be teaching next week’s class, and instead Ms. Jenn, our co-teacher and my replacement for the Spring, will be teaching and getting to know the class better so we will have a smooth transition at the end of term.

Have a great rest of the week and a Happy Thanksgiving! See you on December 2nd.

Thanks again!

2nd Grade Blog                                                             November 4, 2018

Hi Parents and Students!

We are SO excited for our Family Education program next week! We have been practicing so hard for our concert and we are eager to show you our smooth moves and beautiful singing!

Please send your child in their pajamas - we’re going to have a super fun day!


2nd Grade Blog                                                              October 21, 2018

Hi Students and Parents!

We had an awesome day in Religious School today - we started practicing for our special entertainment portion of our Family Education program on November 11th, continued learning Hebrew with our pre-primers, and had a fun music class with Morah Molly where she taught the Hanukkah blessings!

I am greatly looking forward to our Family Education program on November 11! Get ready for a really fun, interactive bonding time with your child while learning about the history and importance of Hanukkah!



2nd Grade Blog                                                          October 14, 2018

Hi Students and Parents!

We had a musically fun day in Religious School today. Students had music class with Morah Molly, sang the Alef Bet song and continued learning Hebrew with their pre-primers. We had an introduction to popular Israeli music, and learned why God has made us unique!

If you would, please continue to send your child in with a smock as we will be doing arts and crafts often.

I am greatly looking forward to our Jewish Family Education day on November 11! Get ready for some fun!


2nd Grade Blog                                                        September 23, 2018

Hi Students and Parents!

We had an amazing day in Hebrew School today - students learned the importance and history of Sukkot, made decorations for the Kol Haverim sukkah, sang the Aleph Bet song and learned Hebrew letters, and even had music class! It was definitely a day filled with constant fun and giggles!

If you would, please continue to send your child in with a smock as we will be doing arts and crafts in the future. We do have a two-week break, and I know that I will certainly be looking forward to returning and teaching more amazing, fun things next class!


2nd Grade Blog                                                            September 16, 2018

Hello students and parents!

We had an absolutely wonderful first day of Hebrew School. We discussed how Rosh Hashana is the beginning of the Jewish New Year and how on every new year we make a resolution. Your child should be able to tell you their top resolution as well as the class’s top five!

I love to do arts and crafts with my students and we may potentially sometimes get a little messy, so if you would like to send your child in with an old T-shirt as a smock to protect their clothing, that would be appreciated!

I look forward to next week as we are going to learn about Sukkot! Thanks for an amazing first day.


Wed, January 16 2019 10 Sh'vat 5779