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2nd Grade Blog                                                        December 10, 2017

Thank you to Sara Zaientz for spearheading a kickoff to our activities this past Sunday. Sara is one of our room parents and had the idea of connecting loving acts of kindness with the holiday season. As part of our lesson she passed out M&Ms to each child, but each child did not receive the same amount of M&Ms. This led to a conversation among the children about whether or not it is fair that different people receive different amounts of things in life, which let us into a discussion of charity and how people who have more can help people who have less, and also led to the conversation that people who have less can even help people who have less than they do.

This activity was followed buy a reading of the classic Hanukkah story called "Latkes all Around." In this story a peddler wanders into a town and manages to get arguing families to agree to make latkes together instead of choosing one Grandma's recipe over another Grandma's recipe

We followed this up by reviewing in our Hebrew books the letters that are on the dreidel. The class then played real games of dreidel and I had a lot of fun spinning and eating the jelly beans we used as ante.

Throughout the day we listen to various Hanukkah songs. This upcoming Sunday this class will be making menorahs, playing dreidel, listening to a Hanukkah story, and eating some latkes 


Sun, July 15 2018 3 Av 5778