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2nd Grade Blog                                            November 19, 2017

We had our family experience the Sunday before Thanksgiving. Thank you to those parents who took the time to come in and experience some of what we have been learning in our class in terms of G'milut Chasadim, acts of kindness. 

We learned about Rabbi Ben Bag Bag, and his phrase that we need to turn it, turn it, turn it again, in reference to the Torah and how we can learn life lessons from the Torah. We had three stations in which stories were shared and the students and parents, going along with our module theme, discussed the acts of kindness contained within the Torah story. We ended the day by having parents and students perform skits reflecting some of the eight different kinds of kindness that we are focusing our lessons on, and the other groups then had to guess which acts of kindness were being shown.



Tue, July 17 2018 5 Av 5778