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2nd Grade Blog                                             September 17, 2017

Second grade had a very arts and craftsy second week of Sunday School. After finishing our story about Rosh Hashanah, the children made Shana Tova cards to give to a special member of their family. In conjunction with the book, we talked about how people should do nice things for other people since that's what the rabbi was doing in the story. Next week we will continue that discussion as the children talk about things they can do that would be nice for other people in their households

After the Rosh Hashanah discussion and card-making, we took out our brand new Hebrew alphabet books. The two letters the children worked on this week are the letters bet and tav. We talked about how the letters look similar and that the children would have to note which of the letters had an opening on the bottom and which had an opening on the side. Each week we will be looking at one or two different Hebrew letters of the alphabet leading towards later in the year when the children will start reading some words.

We concluded our Sunday school activities by making "sukkah snakes" to be hung up outside in our synagogue's sukkah

L'shana Tovah!


Sun, July 15 2018 3 Av 5778