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Oneg Host Date Selection Screen

To select a date to host a Friday night Oneg for January - June 2019, please select a date from the schedule on the right. 


Board reps for each date are already filled in, along with anyone else who has signed up for that date.


Detailed instructions for hosting an Oneg are found below on this page.

01/11/2019 Friday, Jan 11 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Manaker
First Name Phil

01/18/2019 Friday, Jan 18 (Shabbat Shirah) 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Perlstein
First Name Marla

01/25/2019 Friday, Jan 25 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Blume
First Name Rachelle

Last Name Hillson
First Name Beth

- Friday, Feb 1 Last Name Durkin
First Name Brian

02/08/2019 Friday, Feb 8 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Kluger
First Name Martin

02/15/2019 Friday, Feb 15 3 Booked
Last Name Weiner
First Name Steve

Last Name Ducharme
First Name Elaine

Last Name Wassermann
First Name Maida

02/22/2019 Friday, Feb 22 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Feller
First Name Andrew

Last Name Pagano
First Name Emily

- Friday, March 1 Last Name Cutler
First Name Harriet

03/08/2019 Friday, Mar 8 3 Booked
Last Name Kulick
First Name Judy

Last Name Jainchill
First Name Nancy & Manny

Last Name Gardiner
First Name Pamela

03/15/2019 Friday, Mar 15 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Barbara
First Name Lauren

Last Name Zaientz
First Name Sara

03/22/2019 Friday, Mar 22 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Lawrence
First Name Tim

03/29/2019 Friday, Mar 29 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Gale
First Name Shawna

Last Name Lev
First Name Leonard

- Friday, Apr 5 Last Name Kluger
First Name Martin

04/12/2019 Friday, Apr 12 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Kaplan
First Name Len

04/19/2019 Friday, April 19 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Kaufman
First Name Allison

04/26/2019 Friday, Apr 26 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Manaker
First Name Phil

Last Name Kaplan
First Name Rick/Julie

- Friday, May 3 Last Name Perlstein
First Name Marla

05/10/2019 Friday, May 10 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Blume
First Name Rachelle

05/17/2019 Friday, May 17 1/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Barbara
First Name Lauren

Last Name Lachnicht
First Name Jennifer

05/24/2019 Friday, May 24 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Finkel
First Name Marji

05/31/2019 Friday, May 31 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Weiner
First Name Steve

- Friday, June 7 Last Name Feller
First Name Andrew

06/14/2019 Friday, June 14 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Lawrence
First Name Tim

06/21/2019 Friday, June 21 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Kulick
First Name Judy

06/28/2019 Friday, June 28 2/3 Left Register Now
Last Name Durkin
First Name Brian


Oneg Hosting

- For Oneg assignments, for 2018-2019  scroll down or click here.

- For file copy of these instructions,  CLICK HERE (PDF file).


HOSTING THE ONEG – Instructions to Guide You


Thank you in advance for hosting the Oneg!  Oneg receptions have become an integral part of how we build our Kol Haverim sense of community and as a host; you are helping us do this.  It is not designed to be a difficult process at all, and we have created these detailed guidelines so that you know exactly what to expect, and you can participate in an easy way.

If you are unable to help out on the assigned date, please switch dates with another family.  The phone numbers and emails are all included on the schedule.

The Board Representative Is Your Partner and Guide

Your co-hosting family/families are your partners, and your Board Representative is your guide before, during, and after the service to help you host the Oneg.  He or she will contact you to remind you of your date a month before and be in touch as needed as the date approaches.  He or she will be your resource for questions then, as well as the Oneg evening, and will assist you in carrying out your role as Oneg host.


Coordinating - About 2 Weeks Prior to the Oneg


By now your Board Representative will have contacted you and if not, feel free to call him or her.  They are the one to get information from the temple on potential contributors to the Oneg, so that you and the other Oneg host know who else might be contributing to the Oneg, and the approximate number of attendees.  Your Board Representative will confirm information about any B’nai Mitzvah family, or other life event family, as it is customary that they take part in Friday’s Shabbat Service and assist in the Oneg in honor of their family.  Although families celebrating life events often bring food and drink, they’re not expected to set-up nor clean-up.  And, unless you hear differently due to an event, an average number of people on any Friday night service is 20-25, and that is the number we suggest you use when planning what to bring for the Oneg.


What to Bring


Along with others that might be helping to host the Oneg, we are asking that you collectively provide the food and beverages for Oneg reception.  (“Beverages” are juice, soda, or cider, and does not include coffee or tea.)  We do ask that you bring cream for the coffee.

Please provide a challah.  The Preschool does not provide it as they did in the past.

Any combination of the suggested food items below tends to work great.  The collective result is typically a mini-spread so that there is handful of tasty choices for all to enjoy.

We know that you are busy, so please do not feel that the “goodies” always need to be home-baked.  The importance of the refreshments is that they are thoughtful and presented in a way that extends the warmth of our Shabbat services.  We have learned that when we plan Oneg receptions this way, people like to linger with each other to partake and connect as part of the whole Shabbat experience.  As for exactly what food you’ll bring, you and your other host family can plan what suits each of you the best.

Choices to Consider:

  • Mini muffins, cupcakes or full-size of the same
  • Coffee cakes or other pastries, varieties of cookies or bars
  • Fruits – fresh fruit salad, melons, or merely grapes and/or berries
  • Cheese and cracker plates
  • Dips or Hummus and pita/crackers

Whether you are baking or buying, the best bet is to plan a “dairy” spread.  This includes all fruits, pastries, cheeses, etc.—and no meat products.  We tend to avoid nuts due to any allergies.  If there is any question at all, ask your Board Representative.


Your Own Touch:

Oneg hosts often enjoy adding special touches of their own to present a homey feeling.  Flowers or candles on the table can add a little extra to make it all the more festive.  Sometimes your personal touch is merely the care you take to lay-out what you have brought.  In the end, it is really your choice, and your way.  We don’t want to prescribe what you do, as we appreciate whatever you want to do.  Also, hosting the Oneg does not need to break the bank.  By sharing the role with each other, it can be easily done in a nice and yet cost-efficient way.


What the Synagogue Has


The synagogue provides all: paper goods, decaffeinated coffee, tea, wine, platters, bowls, and creamers.  Vases and doilies for platters are there should you need them.  Tablecloths are in bins under the table in the kitchen.  The synagogue also has plastic ware for eating and silver spoons, cake cutters, etc. for serving.  


The Evening of the Service and Oneg


Arriving and Leaving:

Services begin at 7:30 p.m., please arrive at 7:00 p.m. to help set-up.  The Board Representative will be there to open the building, help you set-up and remain to assist with clean-up and to lock up the building.

Setting Up:

Everything you need is in the kitchen, easily located, and clearly marked.  (If you notice that we’re low on a supply, please make a note of it and leave it in Chris’ office mailbox.)

Cleaning Up:

It is your joint responsibility to clean up.  Please wash and dry all items used putting them away where you found them.  Please do not leave them out to dry.  Please take home any leftover food and beverage.  In this way, every subsequent family will easily be able to prepare the OnegWe appreciate that someone commit to taking the table cloths home to wash them, and to return them by no later than the following Wednesday.

We hope this opportunity helps you to meet other families of Kol Haverim and to reconnect with old friends!


Oneg Family Dates 2018
Below is a listing of upcoming Oneg hosts and the Board reps for upcoming dates. If you cannot make your assigned date, you may try to "swap" with another family assigned for a future time by contacting them. Please notify us if you change date so we can update this listing (send Email to
Date Board Rep Board Rep Email Oneg Host Oneg Host Email
7-Sep-18 Allison Kaufman x  
14-Sep-18 Phil Manaker Eric & Kate Schweitzer
      Addison Kramer/ Dan Sheldon
21-Sep-18 Marla Perlstein David and Michele Souder
      Glen and Lara Steckler
28-Sep-18 Rachelle Blume Lisa Tatum
      Jeff & Robin Walden
5-Oct-18 Lauren  Barbara x  
12-Oct-18 Marty Kluger Paul and Barbara Zimmerman
      Lee & Lauren Berger
19-Oct-18 Steve Weiner Steve Blau & Karen Chorney
      Jim & Shari Bosco
26-Oct-18 Andrew Feller Mike & Margaret Braddon
      Howie & Beth Breinan
2-Nov-18 Tim Lawrence x  
9-Nov-18 Judy Kulick Ed & Vivien Chale
      Karel & Tiffany Citroen
16-Nov-18 Brian Durkin Dean & Staci Coelho
      Jason & Rachel Cohen
23-Nov-18 Marty Kluger Wally Cohen & Deborah Eisenberg
      Raf & Patty Cohen
30-Nov-18 Shawna Gale Michael & Janice Cooper
      Douglas Corpuel & Stephanie Pearlman
7-Dec-18 Judy Kulick x  
14-Dec-18 Marji Finkel Al & Geri Denyer
      Jonatoan & Ellen Dougherty
21-Dec-18 Harriet Cutler Laney Ducharme
      Charlene Durham
28-Dec-18 Len Kaplan ken & Arlene Dworetsky
      Erika Dworkin
Tue, December 18 2018 10 Tevet 5779