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Fund Descriptions

See our Donate page to make an online contribution to any of the funds below.

General Fund - Provides support for operational needs and programs of the congregation,  under direction of Board of Trustees.
Endowment Fund - Creates long-term endowment for congregation, to provide financial stability over longer time period.
Rabbi’s Discretionary Fund - Use provided under Rabbi’s discretion and direction to appropriate resources, organizations and individuals.

Adult Education Fund - Provides support for Jewish adult and life-long learning.

Brotherhood - Provides programming, social and service opportunities for the men of Kol Haverim.

Building Reserve Fund - Supports maintenance and expansion of Temple property, both anticipated and emergency.  Used to fund capital improvement projects.

Caring Community Fund - Provides resources for volunteers who support and assist members of the congregation during times of sadness and joy.  Support may include meals, visits, transportation.

Connie Dembicer Camp Fund - Scholarship for second year campers that attend Crane Lake Camp or Camp Eisner.

Education Fund - Provides funding for programs and projects associated with the religious school.

Green Fund - Provides funding for energy-saving or environmental improvements to building and grounds.

Informal Youth Education Fund - Provides support for educational initiatives outside the classroom, managed by the Youth Committee.

Jewish Author Endowment Fund - Provides support for special programs to invite and promote Jewish authors.

Landscaping Fund - Provides for the beautification of the Temple grounds.

Library Fund - Provides funds for the purchase of books, which can be lent to members.

Music Fund - Enhances musical appreciation and enrichment for religious school, worship and other musical events.

Outreach Fund - Provides funding for programs and events that facilitate welcoming, engaging, educating and supporting the interfaith community within and outside of Kol Haverim.

Purim Shpiel Fund - Supports production of Kol Haverim's annual Purim Shpiel (plays).

Ritual Arts Fund - Provides religious artifacts to beautify the building and sanctuary, and works in partnership with the Rabbi to provide for the ritual needs of our congregation.

Sisterhood - Provides programming, spiritual and social opportunities for the women of Kol Haverim.

Social Action Fund - Provides support for the Social Justice committee to meet needs of the outside community (i.e., soup kitchen, literacy volunteers, blood drive, etc.).

Technology Fund - Provides support for the growing and changing technological requirements of the congregation.

Youth Group Fund - Provides support, activities, and oversight for our Junior and Senior Temple youth groups.

Youth Scholarship Fund - Provides support for youth to attend Jewish camps and Jewish learning experiences.

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