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Joe Buchanan:  Artist in Residence 2022  - December 16-18

"Country with a Jewish Soul"

Friday, December 16 through Sunday, December 18, 2022


Tickets for the Concert on Saturday evening, December 17th are available at THIS LINK

$20 General Admission, $36 includes Meet and Greet at 7:15, 10 VIP tickets available at $75 each.

Website =     See Video link at the bottom of this page.


Friday, December 16th.   6:00 PM   Family Service, followed by Hanukkah Dinner at 6:45 PM.  Registration for dinner closes on Friday, December 9th.  

Saturday, December 17th.  10 AM - Noon.  "Choosing to be Chosen" Workshop

A seeker all his life, Joe found out that his wife was Jewish after 13 years of marriage and it changed everything. In this workshop/lecture, Joe tells the wild story of his conversion to Judaism and how the discovery of his wife's Jewish identity led their family on a journey of powerful change. He'll also discuss how the conversion process inspired his music and some of the reasons that large number of people are being drawn to Judaism. This workshop includes plenty of Q&A and a few songs from his album as well. This workshop is included as part of the Artist in Residence weekend, at no charge.  Please register at the above link so we can arrange seating.

Saturday, December 17th.  8 PM.  Concert, preceded at 7:15 by "Meet and Greet" for premium ticket holders.  CONCERT PAGE

Sunday, December 18th.  10 AM.  Religious School Children's Concert.


Texas-born and southern-raised, Joe Buchanan makes country music that is steeped in Torah and the trials of the human spirit. He grew up struggling with religion and his place in the world until one day outside of the Holocaust Museum in Washington D.C., and 13 years into their marriage, his wife revealed that she was Jewish. An exploration of faith led the way home for the whole family and ultimately led to Joe's debut album, Unbroken.

Since his conversion, he's toured the country leading prayer, concerts, and workshops. Joe’s goal is to help drive connection to what connects us all and to hold the door for other seekers. A blend of Southern soul and country charm, his music is grounded in the belief that there is always more room at the table.

His latest release is Back From Babylon and his website is


Wed, December 7 2022 13 Kislev 5783